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Synthetic paper sticker

Synthetic paper sticker

Characteristics of synthetic paper material: light weight (density less than 0.8g/cm3), good rigidity. Yu surface material more hard, does not apply share Yu not rules surface and the special soft of
bottle body; 2. very durable, strength big, and anti-thorn hole, and anti-tear (especially horizontal), and wear, and resistance folding sex good; 3. not containing natural fiber, 100% waterproof, and
anti-chemicals and anti-oil; 4. paper white degrees and not transparency can reached 90% above, covered sex good, UV stability good; 5. can allows and food directly contact.
surface material: environmentally-friendly synthetic paper <BR> paper: white gration paper using rubber type: Permanent acrylic emulsion tensile strength: bidirectional stretch print
format: blank or printing application
half tree wax/wax/resin ribbons (depending on the label material segment matching Ribbon model).
applies resistance to water, oil and chemicals and other properties more important product label, information label of high-end products, environmental products.
according to user needs customized application
storage requirements

25MM,40MM,76MM paper core size at room temperature, according to the barcode printer selection

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