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PVC sticker

PVC sticker

PVC is a vinyl letters, it is a polymer material. Common colors are transparent, yabai, Pearl White, bright gold, bright silver, satin gold
. Some people often put PVC and PET mixed in with, find not to they of difference, Guangzhou Heron source barcode with ten years of barcode label experience, found PET and PVC of most
big difference is PET cannot elongated, PVC has strong of flexible sex, feel soft, while for products provides moisture, and waterproof, and anti-gas, these unique of performance, makes it
widely application Yu food, and drug, and smoke wine, soft packaging in the, and jewelry, and jewelry watches, and electronic industry, and clothing, holographic security, high-end occasions.
1. poor degradability, have negative effects on environmental protection;
2. excellent flexibility, can be waterproof, oil proof, not torn.
3. transparent PVC labels, static film labels, stickers (body) suitable body ads and some of the ads you want to paste, and can be pasted over.

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