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Fragile stickers

Fragile stickers

Fragile paper adhesive label as a special technology security materials, the tensile strength is very low, easily breaking, shrinkage and temperature, humidity, and storage
requirements. Application in General as security labels, according to the different paper, divided into thin or thick paper at the end of the end of two types of material.
thin paper at the end of the fragile paper adhesive material
thin paper fragile paper adhesive material suitable for the end of barrel to volumes of paper forms in the label printing process, due to the low surface strength, brittle paper printing, die-cutting, not exhausting;
product label cut piece, not volume. So fragile paper adhesive label does not automatically label all manual labeling. Thin paper at the end of the fragile paper adhesive material should not be in the form of leaflets
printing, reel material cut will accelerate material shrinkage, deformation caused by the backing sheet, bottom gap is formed between paper and wood, glue overflow affected by environment, causing printing
brush processed surface material fracture, resulting in increased waste label, increasing losses. Fragile paper reel material resin inks are recommended for relief printing.
thick paper-fragile paper adhesive material
thick paper-fragile paper adhesive material at the end of the paper thickness for 120g--220g/m2. Due to the end of paper thickness, material shrinkage deformation will not cause the end of paper, only material
around shrink. Thick paper-fragile paper adhesive material can be cut after leaflets printing, printing forms for offset printing, letterpress printing and screen printing. Die-cutting manual exhaust or exhaust
fragile paper printing, die-cutting, also want to increase the degree of fragile paper, you can bake 10-15 minutes in the 100-110 ℃ environment, so that the fabric more brittle,
beautiful printing effect;

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