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Stain stickers

Stain stickers

Sticker stain with advanced equipment, the variety of barcode labels can be dyed, our uniform stain color dye out. For customers with
for samples, we can do 95% of similar color, we can all kinds of self-adhesive materials can be dyed, cut into a variety of finished blank
signed and printed labels. After we dye of self-adhesive labels, has good printing results. Relative to the background colour of the printing, dyeing machine dye color clear, uniform
, and do not impact the paper.
applies carbon with
full wax carbon with, half wax half resin carbon with
applies places
electrical nameplate, electronic manufacturing, chemical, and logistics industry
according to customer needs personalized custom
applies models
store requirements
at room temperature
according to customer needs personalized custom
paper core size
25MM,40MM,76MM, According to the barcode printer options.

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