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Zebra170XiIII industrial printing

Zebra170XiIII industrial printing

Zebra 170XiIII industrial label printers Li Zhuo technology company, ideal for printing high resolution barcode label printer, Zebra 170XiIII printer 300dpi print head ensures text, the clarity of images and barcode printing, so when your label size limited using a Zebra 170XiIII industrial label printer is the best choice ...
Barcode printer ideal for printing of high speed and high precision mass flow, logistics and transport labelling
BAR-ONE if you use the ZEBRA buying software, you can connect a printer management ERP or other system, basically does not need to be modified or programmed.
print: print thermal transfer/thermal
resolution: 305dpi (12/mm) print width
: 168mm
print speed: 203mm/second
print length: 508mm
frame size: 495mm*334mm*393mm
standard: 4M Flash RAM, 16M DRAM
communication interface: RS232/USB2.0 interface and the standard and mouth
printing material specification: * into volume hanging brand or label
* continuous hot sensitive paper, and label
* spacing label paper as synthesis paper, and elimination silver paper
* UL label, and transparent paper, and washing paper, and easy broken paper
* Portron, and HiFi paper, and security logo, and copper paper
label maximum diameter: 203mm
carbon with length: 300/450M
carbon with width: 51mm-170mm
application: commercial product labels/post out tickets, inspection signs/labels/transport, distribution and Logistics Automation management tag/clothing label, garment care label/retail inventory management tab

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