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Zebra S4M barcode printer

Zebra S4M barcode printer

Zebra S4M barcode printer is set to a new a thermal printer, the printer easy to use shell with metal design, and supports multiple connection methods, and its complete set of 8-inch media roll capacity Zebra label is medium volume changeover times can be reduced. This paragraph printer not only support common of connection way, and matching of built-in 10/100 Ethernet and 802.11b wireless network also can more convenient user for remote monitoring, so in similar printer market in the, Zebra S4M barcode label printer with outstanding of price off
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S4M printer of Qian reset control panel operation convenient, its mature of fuselage side media loaded into design not only can let user fast, and convenient of loaded into print media, But also effectively eliminates tags and ribbons threaded. Therefore, our operators can be more valuable and more time to complete the task.
S4M printers support more than one connection (serial, parallel, USB, built-in 10/100 adapter or 802.11b wireless network card), by supporting APL language so you do not need to change the label format can be shifted from other brands of printer S4M, unequaled performance for commercial printers.
Print method: thermal print
resolution: 203DPI/300DPI
print width: 104mm
paper width: 114mm
print speed: 152mm/sec
print length: 3988mm (300DPI 1854mm)
programming language: ZPL II,EPL2,APL
standard memory: DRAM 8MB; Flash 4MB (64MB factory optional Flash)
communication interface: parallel port, RS232,USB
display: * 2 rows 14 character
application: apparel industry, logistics control, hospitality/transport bills, retail shelf labels, and sample tags.

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