Garment Enterprise how to choose a bar code printer
Since many manufacturers, when looking for label barcode printers, often do not know what brand and what size is the real need, plus vendors for their own profit, often recommend some high profits, but not necessarily the most suitable products, resulting in some companies tend to buy things that are not suitable for their own situation.
in General, a bar code printer is classified into two types: commercial and industrial:
commercial type is suitable for Office, small garment factories and other small print runs, commercial barcode printers by using the mechanical structure mainly dominated by plastic, there is considerable advantage in price.
industry-taking into account a large number of print and the need of strict Dutch work environment, usually industrial products increased use of metal parts and higher configurations, durability and stability is much better than commercial products and print speeds are much faster.
load is also not a very precise line, based on our experience and information on daily workload is greater than a maximum 4000, a daily average of around 1000 label printing can be considered commercial machines. Of course, under the same load choose commercial printing service life will be longer.
barcode printer print accuracy accuracy to distinguish, mainly 203dpi and 300dpi two 300dpi about you 45%. Generally, if you main used to print self-adhesive label, can used 203dpi of machine; if you main used to print clothing hanging brand and washing standard words, I recommended you best purchase print precision in 300 points of machine, because washing standard of print effect than not dry rubber and hanging brand paper of effect good,
especially in print some compared small of text and washing symbol Shi, if is 200 points of machine print clarity will compared poor or see not clear, and handwriting easy off, pollution clothing.
3. printed
barcode printer from printing principle into heat transfer and heat-sensitive types. Thermal printer mechanism simply acts directly on heat-sensitive paper, save for a short period of writing, for retail and other print-ready areas, such as printing a computer ticket. Thermal transfer printers usually can also be converted into thermal print system better. High temperature on the heat transfer through the print head Ribbon on the toner transfer to media, writing saved for a long time, so the more widely used.
barcode printer repair service professional is quite strong, choice of supplier should take into full account the supplier's professional background.
professional training: usually more professional training directly by the supplier to the user, besides the operational training, should also introduce routine maintenance, simple troubleshooting.
service: should be able to provide localized service, barcode printer print head belongs to the wearing parts, usually 2-3 need to be replaced, which also requires regular contact with professionals in the print head maintenance service, otherwise it can affect the print head life.
backup services: when a device needs to return to Depot, reserve equipment should be provided to ensure production is not affected.
supplies: supplies should be able to supply the customer needs in a timely manner, can provide the special needs of customers with professional guidance.
5. spare parts, consumables expenses
other than to consider the cost of the machine itself, should also be considered consumables and spare parts (mainly the print head) price. Print head price 35% per cent of equipment and consumable in the printer and print on the print materials in all kinds of unpredictable, or operate environmental impact, may cause the print head injuries, it is recommended that you purchase local trusted brand, don't wait to be 2-3 years after replacing the print head, only to find it's hard to find sources, or too expensive.
6. other issues in need of attention
If the actual working needs to print a lot of data from a database, use larger memory of industrial products; if the information in the database that contains Chinese characters, they should consider downloadable characters into the machine's memory model. If many print media, especially the print tag, interval type volume label, you must select the sensor type moves can be freely positioned. In addition, also the print media requires additional support details.
market conditions now, domestic bar code printer as the technology advances and prices fell, has been gaining popularity. Domestic brands have obvious advantages in terms of price and service, so most of the market share in domestic. And many of the foreign-owned factories in foreign countries use the national brand, national brands are easier to be trusted and used by foreign manufacturers, even more expensive.

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