Brief introduction of bar code printers
As its name implies, barcode printers print barcode printer, of course. Is a kind of dot-matrix printers. Common barcode printers are mainly used in the Mall. Barcode printers via the print head Ribbon (equivalent to pin the Ribbon) printed on the ink to be printed on the bar code on (has some standard size adhesive-style printer paper). Although it can be used as a normal printer (if you are not too narrow:)), but most of the time (99.999999999%) is being printed on the bar code. For example, right now is going to the Chinese new year, many of my friends want to buy train tickets home, barcode is a barcode printer print on the ticket. (Seems barcode in we of life in the also is all not exists of)
barcode printer and general printer of maximum of difference is, barcode printer of print is to hot for based, to carbon with for print media (or directly using hot sensitive paper) completed print, this print way phase for General print way of maximum advantages is it can in no custody of situation Xia achieved continuous high-speed print.
barcode printer is the most important part is the print head, the print head is formed by the Thermistors, printing is the process of transfer of toner on the thermistor heating Ribbon onto the paper process. So when you buy a barcode printer, the print head is a part worthy of special attention, and Ribbon tie it is the soul of the entire printing process. In currently domestic market Shang common of printer due to brand of differences, exists two species different of print head, a is flat pressure type print head, whole print head pressure in carbon with Shang, this print head can adapted various carbon with, has widely of user group, this print head is most common of, widely application Yu various brand of barcode printer; another a is suspended type print head, this is a new of print head mode, print head just tip pressure in carbon with Shang, this print head although on carbon with of requirements compared high, But it has a Ribbon saving function, so it is widely used by some large company technical force is abundant.

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