On the liquefied gas installation "bar code ID"
In recent days, is fully implemented, Nanjing gas cylinders "a bottle of a yard," management, for each inspection of cylinders installed on a unique "barcode ID cards" for gas bottle filling, information management of the inspection process.
it is understood that the 1.85 million of the city's existing gas cylinders, in day-to-day management, quality supervision Department discovered that some business owners and managers safety management is weak, heavy gas cylinders before and after checking is not strict. Individual gas traders are doped adulterated, dear, with an expired bottle, refurbished bottles, expired or abandoned illegal filling of cylinders "black points" have been banned while the generation. Many gas cylinder safety accidents resulting in recent years.
for the full implementation of this cylinder "a bottle of a code" work, using information technology to improve safety management level of gas cylinders. According to reports, the gas cylinder safety bar code is composed of a group of 10 digits and the electronic code barcode composition, basic information through electronic information technology to gas cylinders, including manufacturers, manufacture date, serial number, regular inspections, integrated electronic databases. Through the establishment of data platform, gas bottle using the registration, inspection on a regular basis, filling control, gas cylinder safety data analysis and statistical work of the electronic network, maximize the efficiency of dynamic security for gas cylinders.
at present, Nanjing gas bottle bar codes are divided into two kinds, a ceramic barcode is used for liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, the other is a metal bar code for industrial gas cylinders.
yesterday morning, this reporter went to panva LPG company, see liquefied petroleum gas bottles on the ground to install a bar code and filling process. Reporters put on special cotton antistatic clothing into the facility where some of the workers are liquefied petroleum gas bottle porcelain pieces made into a bar code on, and recorded on a form with the bar codes one by one the corresponding cylinder number. At the other end of the control room, a staff member is to input the bar code and numbers. The cylinder manufacturer, date, number one on the list.
future public during use it must be used for gas cylinders cylinders equipped with a bar code, and if you find cylinder accident, it's, air quality problems, you can complain when gas cylinders security bar codes provided to the quality control Department, effective protection of their lawful rights and interests, elimination of accident for gas cylinders to ensure safe use.

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