Honeywell announced the purchase of United States Waring technology limited

the acquisition marks the Honeywell officially entered the fast-growing market and expanding automatic identification and data collection, and expand it in wireless technology development. In 2007, on October 15, Minneapolis, MN, Honeywell announced a comprehensive acquisition United States Waring technology limited, a privatization of the automatic identification and data collection company. Waring headquartered in Skaneateles Falls, New York and assets of about $ 390 million US dollars. Waring technology has produced a series of data acquisition products and communications products in different industries, such as retail, health care, public services, transport, logistics and industrial applications are widely used. Waring technology will soon become automatic control solutions Honeywell security group (ACS) member. Waring technology sales of about $2.85 billion US dollars in 2006. Honeywell Security Group CEO Roger Fradin says Waring technologies in major sectors of the market's growth potential and height advantage that match the security group's existing wireless solution. Waring technology "customer first" principle of service consistent with Honeywell's entrepreneurial spirit. Merge two corporate culture must be able to give our customers more successful. Waring technology's core product is the bar code scanner and mobile radio terminal, trace, used in logistics and supply chain management industry. Its most well known success stories include the mobile terminals and two dimensional imaging technology used in United States postal service, DILLARDS AND VETERANS ADMINISTRATION hospitals. "Waring, the company was known as two-dimensional imaging technology" bellwether "are taking the place of the more traditional laser technologies. "Ben Cornett, President of Honeywell security group, said," in the global medical, industrial and logistics supply chain, with the rapid growth of demand for information collection, the whole industry has a trend of double digit increases, this will give us immense business opportunities and Waring technology. "" With one of the world's leading technology company Honeywell combination can bring to our customers the highest level of solution "Waring, President of technology Kevin Jost said," over the past 30 years, we have successfully established a customer service system-we believe in combination with Honeywell, can bring our clients and employees a new blueprint. Waring's well-known product lines include Dolphin series of science and technology, is a lightweight, mobile terminal conforms to the artificial mechanical design, it can easily access, capture, and real-time wireless transmission of data for companies whenever and wherever they can be efficient with the desired data connection. Dolphin product solutions are used in a variety of areas, including transportation, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, field service, and warehouse management. In addition, the company's total product line, including handheld scanner series is the use of advanced technology Adaptus two-dimensional images. Industry-leading image capture technology. Adaptus using digital camera technology and image processing software, providing customers with a unique barcode scanning and digital image capture capabilities. Waring tens of thousands of products of science and technology in the global retail industry, transportation industry and manufacturing industry enjoys a high reputation, Waring technology (www. Handheld。 Com) for more than 100 countries all customers with technical support and after-sales service. Cornett said: "the acquisition for Honeywell security group into a new force, and to provide customers with better technology and solutions. We are very confident that in the near future, the two companies ' customers will have more choice of products and services. Honeywell International-global sales of US $ $340 billion, is the world leader in the technology and manufacturing a diversified multinational corporations. Around the world, whose business involves the aerospace products and services, residential/industrial control technology, automation and control products and special materials. Honeywell's headquarters are located in United States, New Jersey Morristown, its shares in New York, London and Chicago stock market trading, one of the Dow 30 company, "standard and poor's 500 index" part.

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