Honeywell launched N5600 sixth-generation two-dimension Imaging scanning engine
Honeywell today announced the launch of N5600 sixth generation of two dimensional scanning engine, the solution for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) provides a long-lasting technology platform to meet almost all needs of the end users scan the barcode. N5600 is the industry's first bar code scan engine optimized images, color imaging, users do not need additional configuration camera, so you reduce the cost of hardware acquisition. This innovative color technology not only to meet the OEM manufacturer and the end user's current needs, but also take into account market trends for the future.
as the world's first use of Adaptus?6.0 imaging technology scan engine, N5600 standard 100%-universal bar code of goods (U.P.C.) scan range up to 41.9 cm, along with superior motion tolerance capabilities and flexible ways of targeting, suitable for the most demanding indoor and outdoor scanning environment. N5600 engine difficult to read a barcode has excellent read performance, including bar codes on the display of mobile devices, enabling OEM manufacturers to integrate products to apply more broad application market.
"about seven years ago, Honeywell's technical experts set out to recreate the bar code image technology standards. After years of unremitting efforts, the number of innovations not only enrich Honeywell proud list of intellectual property rights, and also created the industry's latest, most powerful scanning engine technology platform. "Technology global OEM Honeywell scanning and mobility RobertHussey, the Marketing Director, said. "In the past 15 years, Honeywell always leads the development direction in bar code scanning. N5600 with excellent performance and flexibility, and is a more optimized solution for customers, the products come out is another major milestone in technological innovation in the industry. "
N5600 supports Honeywell's third-party software development tools TotalFreedom? and the remote device management software RemoteMasterMind? (ReM). TotalFreedom? allows OEM manufacturers with preset programming interface development software plug-in to implement custom functionality. RemoteMasterMind? remote management software can quickly and easily integrate N5600 engine equipment. In addition, Honeywell Professional OEM sales and N5600 integration team will provide full support to ensure the product's entire life cycle, provide fast and efficient service.

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