Vegetables have "identity"
Vegetables are "identity card", excessive pesticides can be traced directly to a specific field plots. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Fuling district, the area has become the first pilot to establish traceability of agricultural products quality safety law enforcement supervision system, the first batch of 20 major vegetable bases have been incorporated into the scope of regulation, to break the bottleneck of agricultural product quality and production safety supervision in our city provides the experience can be.
"in the past, in the absence of effective regulatory systems, found substandard agricultural products on the market can only be traced to the approximate production areas. "Fuling agriculture law enforcement detachment in charge, typically, vegetables on the market are made of vegetable production in vegetable vendor from the acquisition, as there is no production logo, these acquisitions from vegetables are difficult to trace to specific production and producers, so that some unscrupulous producers escaped punishment.
Similarly, vegetables such as supermarkets, stores, mostly from vegetable base bulk supply, if there is a substandard batch vegetable, due to the lack of identity, it is difficult to clearly determine the real cause of these vegetables and link, which became one of the biggest bottlenecks of production supervision of agricultural products.
"to solve this problem, starting from the end of last year, the Fuling district in which vegetable base of 20 pilot establish traceability of agricultural products quality safety law enforcement supervision system. "The charge, traceability of agricultural products quality safety law enforcement supervision system, the most important measure is to attach a bar code identification for agricultural products, records of the vegetable origin, time of production, specifications and other information.
into tracing system of vegetables production base, each plots are established has production archives, including input products purchase records and agricultural production records, input products purchase records detailed to records has vegetables of seed specifications and daily pesticide and fertilizer using of number, and name, and purchase to,, agricultural production records is detailed records has daily of vegetables planting who, and planting of area, and harvest of specific time (whether has had pesticide security interval period), and harvest of number and sales went,.
as a result of pesticide standard, quality, management and law enforcement officers can be traced through bar codes to specific production of vegetables, and then you can view the production files, traced to a batch of vegetable producers and determine the specific cause. If pesticide problems can also be traced to pesticide manufacturers, provided a basis for control the quality and safety of agricultural products from the source.
"while establishing traceability system, there are certain inputs such as equipment, manpower, but eventually can bring huge benefits. "Vegetable cooperative b, Fuling district, officials say, their co-op is the traceability system of pilot units, have tasted the sweetness of this system now. Before, they is mainly targeted products sold in supermarkets and hotels in Fuling district, which has built a trusted long-term partner, sales is not a problem, but when you expand sales because people trust enough for their products and, therefore, products are hard to sell, sell product price is not high. Last year, after establishing a traceability system, because product quality is guaranteed, people like vegetable prices also went up, to dingxiau their vegetables in supermarkets, stores have also increased considerably, which prompted the expansion of its scale, achieve win-win base, markets and consumers.

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