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In currently domestic market Shang common of printer due to brand of differences, exists two species different of print head, a is flat pressure type print head, whole print head pressure in carbon with Shang, this print head can adapted various carbon with, has widely of user group, this print head is most common of, widely application Yu various brand of barcode printer; another a is suspended type print head, this is a new of print head mode, print head just tip pressure in carbon with Shang, this print head although on carbon with of requirements compared high, But it has a Ribbon saving function, so it is widely used by some large company technical force is abundant.
barcode printer machine performance parameters, basic properties of barcode printers:
1, print width. Maximum width of the machine can print, also on behalf of the machines, in General, 3-inch to 8-inch print width of seven choices, determinants of print is to select a printer, the user should select a printer to suit your needs.
2, print accuracy. Higher precision printers print more clear, now prints with the highest accuracy 600dpi, 203dpi or 300dpi will be able to meet the daily needs of industry, users do not need to pursue high printing accuracy and the cost too much.
3, the print speed. Speed is the biggest advantage barcode printers for general printer. It can reach speeds of 12 inches/second. For the same machine, the faster, lower the accuracy. So users must adjust the machine for himself, in order to achieve the perfect combination of speed and accuracy.
4, interface. Bar code printer and parallel and serial ports are standard accessories, and users can also purchase Flash memory cards and other peripherals.
5, other. In order to let the printer meets the user's requirements, the manufacturers have designed a lot of optional accessories: cutters, strippers, sheet racks, the user can according to their own requirements to purchase.
buy barcode printer should pay attention to the following points can be purchased to fit your product.
(1) according to barcode printer volume decided models if you of barcode printer volume day not over 4000 Zhang, recommends you purchase general commercial type (some commonly known as Office type) barcode printer, commercial barcode printer of paper capacity and carbon with capacity smaller, whole products of shape dapper, is for put in Office places, not accounted for area, and barcode printer effect and barcode printer quality are can meet needs. Like TSC and Zebra 243E 2,844 barcode printer. More than 4000 a day if you need labels, we recommend that you purchase industrial barcode printers, mainly made of steel structure industrial barcode printer accommodates large paper roll and the length of Ribbon, in life and harsh environment, have excellent performance, is the right choice of large factories. TSC 244ME barcode printer, SATO CL408e label printer, Zebra 105SL barcode printer.
(2) according to the application bar code print quality to choose the models if you place higher requirements on quality of bar code printers, such as jewelry, cell phone, or request on the barcode label printer in smaller, we recommend that you use the 300DPI barcode printer (TSC 342 commercial bar code printer, SATO CL412e industrial barcode printer), other general shipping marks label you can use 200DPI.
(3) select models based on software requirements, currently available in the vast majority of bar code printers use only one bar code printer language, and only use your own barcode printer command, are not compatible with each other, when you purchase if you can consider a language compatible, you can greatly improve the use of barcode printers.
(4) have set up official positions in the domestic product, there are many products in the country only to the agent to sell, probably agent's main business is not what you want to buy products or agents don't have enough technical support, we suggest you look for a brand of official positions in the country.
(5) select the dealer can provide you with comprehensive services, some dealers claim they all barcode printer products are able to provide. In fact, for consumers, the most important thing is not this, consumers need to be the Distributor for a product's technical support, after-sales service and complete supporting related products can provide. For example, with a bar code printer supplies is a very important reference, should select barcode printer at the same time, dealers are required to provide this barcode printer supplies suitable because some inappropriate supplies and collocation of the barcode printer barcode printer does not necessarily make perfect results.
on the production line or warehouse of the printer should be used to select models with metal more durable, such as Zebra and SATO CL series XI III series and select desktop in the Office of the point of sale or personal printer series, because there is less space required and easy to move.
barcode printer print results and speed has good performance, but there are still customers print due to neglect certain steps there is a problem, in fact, most problems can be avoided.
printers are the most common problems print position deviation. Users should be aware that upon the first print or print labels of various sizes, the size of the label is to be adjusted, otherwise the print position deviation occurs. In fact, the label size adjustment is very simple, every zebra printer models are equipped with automatic calibration, users only need to press the correction key on the Control Panel, the printer detects the size of the label itself, to ensure the print position is accurate.
another common problem is that labels backing sheet is too thick, the sensor does not detect the size of the label printer. When it comes to the above, users should select the thin paper label at the end of, of course, choose Zebra label effect is provided by the best, and can greatly reduce the print damage due to poor quality label.

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