Bar code printer words in Chinese and English
1, a bar code bar code: consists of a set of regularly arranged, empty tags and their corresponding characters to represent certain information.
2, barcode systems, bar code system: design and scanning by a bar code symbol reading system composed of.
3, reflecting rate: the ratio of the reflected light intensity and the intensity of incident light.
4, diffuse reflection deffuse reflection: cast on rough surfaces reflect light in all directions.
5, mirror reflectance specular reflection: onto smooth surfaces reflect light in all directions.
6, bar bar;dark bar;black bar: bar-reflectivity in the lower section.
7 and air space;light bar: bar of high reflectivity in parts.
8, and start start character;start cipher;start code: with the start of the barcode number.
9 stop character;stop cipher;start and the terminator code: with the bar end positions several empty.
10 clear area;quiet zone;quiet area;clear zone, blank area: bar start and terminate ends outside empty and reflectivity of the same limited area.
11, bar code symbol bar code symbol: blank area including barcodes.
12, character set, character seet: bar code symbol represents a collection of letters, numbers, and symbols.
13, intermediate separator Central seperating character: used to separate data segments in bar code number and empty.
14, separator characters separator: separates in a coded character set of special characters.
15 bar code, bar code character character: a character or symbol number of empty.
16, and bar code barcode character set character set: some barcodes the barcode characters that can be set.
17, bar code data symbol bar code data character: bar code character that represents specific information.
18, bar code checking character bar code check character: checksum of barcode characters.
19, bar-fill bar code filler character: information does not represent a specific bar code characters.
20, a range of element: constitute a bar code character, or null.
21, bar, high bar height: height width perpendicular to the unit.
22 and the wide bar width: the width of the bar code characters.
23, wide empty space width: barcode width of the characters.
24, wide ratio bar width ratio: barcodes in the widest and narrowest width.
25, barcode printers wider than the space width ratio: barcodes than the width of the widest and narrowest space.
26, x dimension
X: narrow unit nominal sizes of bar code symbols.
27 z dimension
Z, z size: narrow bar code symbol the actual size of the unit.
28, bar code printer width to narrow width ratio ratio
N: average width of wide and empty width and average width (barcode characters excluding intervals) divided by twice times the z dimension. It is width
adjust the technical parameters in the encoding method.
formula: N= (average width of wide average wide empty space width +)/2Z
29, barcode printer, barcode length bar code length: from bar code length of the start-edge to the posterior margin of the terminator.
30, bar code printers, bar code symbol length bar code symbol length;symbol length: blank bar code length.

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