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Detailed explanation of data collector
What is a scanner?
barcode scanners are also commonly known as bar code scanner/reader is used to read the information contained in the bar code scanner. Structure of the barcode scanner/bar code scanner is usually as follows: light sources, receivers, shingle, decoding circuits, computer interface. Barcode scanner/bar code scanner basic principles for: irradiation by light rays passing through an optical system to symbology, and is reflected back from the light through the optical system in electro-optical converters, decoders interpreted as the computer can accept digital signals directly. General classification: CCD scanner, omnidirectional laser scanners and laser handheld barcode scanner.
in recent years, major shopping malls, chain stores and other commercial enterprises realized the commercial POS systems bring enormous benefits to the business enterprise, building commercial POS system. There are several common:
1, handheld bar code scanner. Handheld bar code scanners were introduced in 1987 to form products, the shape is like a supermarket cashier in your hand like bar code scanners that are used on. Most CIS scanning firearms technology, optical resolution of 200dpi, black and white, grayscale and color variety, color type is generally 18-bit color. CCD is also some high-end products as photographic devices, can achieve bit true color, scan better.
2, small drum-type barcode scanner. This is a handheld barcode scanner barcode scanner and platform of intermediate products (in recent years the emergence of new, because it is a built-in power supply and small volume known as the portable barcode scanner) the products most used CIS technology, optical resolution of 300dpi, both color and gray, color model is 24-bit color. There and a few small drum-type barcode scanner with CCD technology, scan better than the CIS technology product, but because of structural limitations, volume is greater than that of CIS technology products. Small roller design is the bar-code scanner lens is fixed, and move the objects to be scanned by the camera to scan, operated like the printer, the object must go through the machine to scan and then send out, so scanned objects may not be too thick. Best thing about this scanner is that is very small in size, but there are several limitations to use, for example, can only scan a thin paper, also cannot exceed the size of scanner.
3, platform-style barcode scanner. Also known as flat-bar code scanners, desktop scanner, most bar code scanners are currently on the market are flat-bar code scanners, are now mainstream. This type of barcode scanner optical resolution between 300dpi-8000dpi,-from 24-to 48-bit color scan generally A4 or A3 format. Benefits of flat-plate is like using a copier, just put it on the scanner cover is open, be it books, newspapers, magazines, photos, negatives can be scanned, very convenient, and the effect is best of all common types of scanner.
other of also has sharply surface scan with of sharply surface scan gun, and pen type scan gun, and barcode scan gun, and film scan gun (note not flat scan gun added through sweep, effect better of more, price certainly also your), and real scan gun (not has real scan capacity of flat scan gun, somewhat similar Yu digital camera), also has main for industry printing typesetting field of drum type scan gun, many.
Second, the common fault analysis and solution of barcode scanners (whether branded generic)
1. barcode scanners category: CCD barcode scanners, omnidirectional laser bar code scanners and laser handheld barcode scanner.
2.CCD scanner features: low prices, which belongs to the low-end products, short scan from the depth of field, major manufacturers in Taiwan, you can directly read the China post code. Currently has a long range CCD makes up the short scan from the depth of the defect, but the price is higher, falls somewhere in between CCD and laser scanners.
3. characteristics of laser barcode scanner: scan speed, scan from the King, and by major manufacturers in the United States, low error rate, a wide range, adapted to different needs. Divided into gun-type, platform, suspended ceiling, which belongs to the high-end products.
keyboard interface scanner interface: serial way, TTL
keyboard interface: scanning is inputted into computer data directly through the keyboard interface, this approach has the advantage of having drivers and operating system-independent, can be used directly in a variety of
directly on the operating system and does not require external power. Typical models: LS2106
serial port mode: the scanning is inputted data by serial input, need to drive or direct read serial data, require external power. Typical models: LS2104
TTL mode: the scanning is inputted is TTL level, need to further develop the decoding circuit, you cannot directly use

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