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What is the product code? Why should businesses use barcode?
What is the product code?
product code is to convert numeric code that represents the commodity information consists of parallel arranged a set of rules of special symbols. In 1970, the United States grocery industry takes the lead in food packaging using the barcode on the carrier, then expanded to world-wide use. Product code is the product of "identity," and is the circulation of commodities in the international market, "common language".
Why use a bar code on the product?
product code is the basis of business modernization, are goods to enter supermarkets, POS? scanning shop tickets.
scanning stores when customers purchase goods completed in the checkout for payment, cashier just holds with bar-coded merchandise in gently on the platform equipped with a laser scanner, and quickly enter the numbers below the barcode computers, query and data processing machines can immediately identify the product manufacturer, name, price and other product information and print out a shopping list. This can not only automate sales, warehousing and order management, and through the production, supply, marketing information system, sales information available in time for the manufacturers .
the POS scanning stores in China is developing at an amazing speed. In fact, entered the supermarket bar codes has become a commodity of the prerequisites, the bar is improved market competitiveness of enterprises, only way to expand export, is a prerequisite for the realization of automation of production and circulation, as well as technical support manufacturers to adjust product structures. Many cities (such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Fujian, etc)? Is there a documented, all without bar code products into supermarkets.
How to use the bar?
bar code printed on the product package, or make it on a bar code label attached to the product. For small volume production, and also can be printed on the bar code sticker posted on.
the appropriate bar code of goods?
??? All retail commodity, for example food, beverage, cigarette, soil special products, clothing, and hats, medicine products, cosmetics, and toothpaste, and SOAP, and detergent, daily chemical products, books, film, and blank tape, information with chemicals, educational sports supplies, arts and crafts products and the toy, daily plastic products and the daily rubber products, daily enamel products, tableware drink with, TV, and radio, and recorder, and refrigerator, and washing machine, household appliances, manual tool, scissors, daily hardware products, daily groceries, are suitable used barcode.
barcode forms and structures?
the bar come in two forms, namely, standard code and shorten the code.
:? Consists of 13 digit barcode referred to as standard code, standard size: 37.29mmx26.26mm, zoom factor value range 0.80-2.00, an interval of 0.05. Standard code of 13 bit digital constitute points two species situation:
first: on 690,691 heading of barcode, by 7 bit manufacturers code, and 5 bit commodity code and the 1 bit check code constitute;
cases: 690MMMMMPPPPPC manufacturers code commodity code check code
second: on 692 heading of barcode, by 8 bit manufacturers code, and 4 bit commodity code and the 1 bit check code constitute;
shortened code:? Consists of 8 digit barcode referred to shorten the code, only if size exceeds the total printing area 25%, shortened codes is only allowed to declare. Reduce code size is: 26.73mmx21.64mm, zoom factor value range 0.80-2.00, an interval of 0.05. Shorten the 8-bit code by 7-digit commodity code and 1-bit parity check codes form.
: 69xxxxxC item code
bar must conform to the national standards of quality problem, and must accept national barcode quality inspection center and local bar code quality testing agencies supervision and inspection to avoid economic losses due to rejected barcode into circulation.
manufacturers to raise the benefits of commodities in the international and domestic market competitiveness. Easy to collect sales information, and understanding consumer trends, effectively specifying production and sales plans. Improved inventory management. Improve working efficiency.
wholesalers to deal quickly and accurately order delivery business. Improve inventory management and prevention funding backlog. Improving the quality of services. Mastering offers and increase competitiveness.
information held goods retailers improve store management, improve economic efficiency.
purchases of customers save time, enhance a sense of trust, to obtain the ideal shopping environment. Barcode
application procedures?
requirements: where in the industrial and commercial administrative departments in China registered companies may apply for using the bar and become members of the barcode system.
application procedure: apply to join the merchandise barcode systems businesses are required to fill in an application form, and complete the relevant procedures, upon approval by the review, by the article numbering Center of China commodity bar code registration certificate, and the newspaper published.

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