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Wax, wax-resin-and resin-based carbon with different?
Wax ribbons (WAX RIBBON) usually contains a high percentage of wax raw materials, these materials determine the melting point of Ribbon, impact melting point the energy level needed to print, in General, due to well below the melting point of wax-resin, wax Ribbon print needs to levels far below the mixed-and resin-base when you print. Also, because most of the wax softer than the resin, durable wax Ribbon for print graphics than the mixed-and resin-base, most only a coating of wax ribbons.
wax/tree mixed base carbon with (WAX/RESIN) General contains high percentage of resin components raw materials, this decided has this carbon with of high melting point, with this carbon with print Shi and wax base carbon with compared also need high of level, due to most of resin than wax hard, print out of graphics of anti-scraping sex and anti-chemical corrosion sex also than wax base carbon with good. Most of the mixed base Ribbon composed of two or more layers.
resins (RESIN) Ribbon contains the highest proportion of resin components, printing needs more energy than wax mixture of high, as most of the hard resin wax, high content of resin so that the Ribbon has a very good rub-proof and chemical corrosion resistance.

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