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Barcodes glossary
Bar code
bar code consists of a set of regularly arranged, empty tags and their corresponding characters to represent certain information.

bar reflectivity in the lower part of the bar codes.
bar code/> bar code system system symbology design, production and scanning read automatic identification system.
space barcodes parts of high reflectivity.
clear area outside the bar code to both the left side and reflectivity of the same defined area.

bearer bar protection box around the bar and the same side as the reflectivity or box.
Start character in the barcode number and empty.
stop/> terminator character in the bar end and empty.
separator seperating character is located in the middle of bar code positions of a number of articles and empty.
bar code/> bar code character number character to represent a character and empty.
bar/> bar code data breaks Code barcode character data character-specific information.
bar code
bar code check check breaks character checksum of barcode characters.
filler character
filler character does not represent a specific barcode character information.
bar height constitutes a two-dimensional barcode character size of vertical size.

bar wide width constitute a two-dimensional barcode character size horizontal size.

space wide width constitute a bar code character horizontal size of the empty two-dimensional size.
bar wide width ratio the bar code with the narrowest width.
space the/> aspect ratio width width ratio the bar code with the narrowest width.
bar/> bar code length code length from bar codes start the length of the posterior margin of the front to the end.
length to height ratio than barcode length and high ratio.
bar code/> bar code density density per unit length number of characters represented by a bar code.
module bar code units.
bar code intrcharacte
bar code character interval gap between adjacent bar code character does not represent a specific information and the reflectivity of the same area.
element/ > unit constitutes a bar code character, empty.

continuos bar code not in continuous interval bar code barcode characters. Non-continuous

discrete bar code barcode barcode character interval.
bidirectional/> bi-directional bar code to both the left can be used as a start of the scan bar codes.
Add-on said additional information attached.
self-cheching bar code barcode character itself has a calibration function bar code.
fixed length of bar code barcode bar code number of characters fixed barcode. Non-fixed length

unfixed length of bar code barcode bar code not a fixed number of characters of the barcode.
bar/> barcode character set code barcode character set type the character sets that can be.

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