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Problems should be considered when choosing a barcode printer
Buy thermal transfer label printer should pay attention to the following points can be purchased to fit your product.
(1) according to print volume decided models
If you of print volume day not over 4000 Zhang, recommends you purchase general commercial type (some commonly known as Office type) printer, commercial printer of paper capacity and carbon with capacity smaller, whole products of shape dapper, is for put in Office places, not accounted for area, and print effect and print quality are can meet needs. More than 4000 a day if you need labels, we recommend that you purchase industrial printers, because industrial printers made mostly with a steel structure, can accommodate large paper roll and the length of Ribbon, in life and harsh environment, have excellent performance, is the right choice of large factories.
(2) according to the print quality to choose the label printer model
If you apply site requires high print quality, such as jewellery, mobile phones or require printed on the small label on, it is recommended that you use 300DPI printer, other general shipping marks label you can use 200DPI.
software requirements models currently on the market most of the label printer print languages use only one, and can only use their own print command, are not compatible with each other, when you purchase if you can consider a language compatible, to a greater extent improve the printer to use.
(4) have set up official positions in the domestic product
has many products in China only to the agent to sell, probably agent's main business is not what you want to buy products or agents don't have enough technical support, we suggest you look for a brand of official positions in the country.
(5) select can provides full service of dealer
some dealer, known as all of printer products they are can provides, actually, for consumers for, most important of is not this, consumers need of should is this dealer for a a products of technology support, and after-sales service and the supporting related products whether can complete of provides, for example for, match printer of supplies is a is important of reference, should to in select printer of while, Dealers are required to provide appropriate about that printer supplies, because some of the inappropriate supplies and printer is not bound to make perfect prints.
(5) select supplies General of label printer
some printer brand, to to in supplies above made profit, often specified it of products must match dedicated of supplies, or cannot print out good of effect, even for so caused of damaged, not to and warranty, this is purchase printer Shi absolute should note of, especially now printer of supplies price constantly declined, more should purchase supplies General of printer.
(6) select function practical, and price real reflect cost of label printer
some abroad brand of printer, price very high, completely from has real of printer cost price, and its to improve price often joined has some actual using in the not often need of function, now of hot turned printing printer is cannot universal of reasons most and this about, purchase a paragraph price moderate, function right of printer is reduced cost of best way.
(7) select parts price cheap maintenance has guarantees of brand
purchase label printer Shi, should while asked those parts easy damaged, for hot turned printing label printer for, most easy damaged of is print head, because in various not predicted of print material Shang print, or operation environment of effect, are may led to print head injury, if purchase to a Taiwan alone replaced print head of price on can buy to another a brand of whole Taiwan printer, does is a pen not small of loss. In addition, you should ask the purchased product readiness of its parts, stock up in some parts of the product out of the country, when replacement parts are required, agents often takes 3 months to half a year to import parts, led to a halt to production work.

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