service projects:
1, door equipment installation and debugging.
2, equipment use and maintenance training.
3, upgrades, software, free installation service.
4, printer, one year free warranty, parts replacement at cost price calculations.
5, barcode scanners, data collector warranty within one year.
6, aftermarket product life-long maintenance. Outside the warranty period, replacement of spare parts at cost.
7, and supply supplies at discounted prices. (Tags, Ribbon, etc)
8, phone expert technical advice.
9, e-mail and online solutions.
service support:
1, we can according to your needs, to provide you with free information, so that you can further understand our industry and learn more about us.
2, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing urban customers, in case you need us 24 hours for your onsite Demo: other regions, we are committed to us within 48 hours according to your needs for your home shows.
3, installed and training our onsite service or other means, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing, our 24-hour onsite service in the urban area, the rest of us within 48 hours of the door.
4, and we can provide supplies to suit your needs, and to ensure that supplies good print results, and master the latest usage of our products.
5, we take phone, fax, direct door or other means to track our products on a regular basis, to grasp the latest usage of our products.
6, repair, warranty our onsite repair free of charge or through the mail. Warranty we still recognize that maintenance obligations, but subject to certain parts costs.
7, repair time, take the form of on-site service, we are committed to 24-hour home; take the form of mail, our three working days to clear the fault. (Do not include time en route)
8, warranty parts replacement parts costs we charge only the cost.
equipment installation:
debugging is made up of senior engineers to provide on-site installation and commissioning services for you.
installation installation print a test

consumables/> sets
basic field training (one time)
upgrade warranty service: 2200 Yuan per year per printer. Outside the 50 km each extra round trip transportation. Warranty material only to material charge, immediate settlement.
equipment maintenance this part:
warranty repair: when a customer after my company purchase and sale contract executed in the settlement terms, you can enjoy the warranty period of one year from the date of shipment maintenance service, warranty material only to material charge, immediate settlement. Mailing service to customers by railway express or courier in the same city, this fee shall be borne by the company.
retail maintenance: materials + time (200/hour) collection and delivery immediate settlement, starting at equipment maintenance costs by 300 yuan per unit, freight in full by customer.